Our group

3 business lines, 8 manufacturing plants and presence in more than 70 countries.


Over 50 years

JASO Group was founded 50 years ago thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of a group of friends with experience in the lifting system sector. Since then their companies have been constantly growing, and what started out as a small business, is today a well established Group.

50th anniversary of the JASO GROUP


The JASO Group is a global leader in the elevation sector. It is present in more than 70 countries, as a result of the experience acquired during more than 50 years. During all this time the Group and its businesses have gone through many phases and moments where they have stuck to their principles: listen to the client and not only offer products, offer solutions. This strong customer oriented attitude has allowed its businesses to expand worldwide.

JASO Tower Cranes

Leaders in the manufacture, sales, hire and service of tower cranes for construction and civil engineering. We offer technical service worldwide.

JASO Industrial Cranes

Special cranes manufacturer, industrial cranes, bridge cranes, hoists and gantry cranes. Leaders in tailored elevation systems.

JASO Elevation Systems

Product line of elevators for different industries, from the maintenance of wind turbines to construction and works on facades.

JASO Group

What defines us



Develop and create integral elevation solutions based on safety, efficiency and productivity, allowing our customers to improve in the international market.



To be leaders in the elevation and lifting systems sector on a global level, offering trust, innovative capabilities and quality to our customers and profitability to our shareholders.



Professionalism, constantly looking for improvement. Honesty, trust and transparency. "Because we don't only offer products, we offer solutions."